From the nostalgic scent to all the fun, messy ways you can play with it, everyone knows the pleasures of Play-Doh. But before long, every creator learns that Play-Doh left out overnight becomes brittle and dry by morning.

Instead of trying to make excuses or avoid talking about it, what if we address this dehydration effect head on? Introducing The Humi-doh-fier. A specially designed humidifying display case that keeps Play-Doh fully hydrated.

Using nothing more than distilled water and an airtight receptacle, we’ve designed a restorative, re-hydrating chamber that also acts as a beautiful display piece for all your Play-Doh creations. What better way to show the longevity of Play-Doh than with a special display holder that keeps it looking as fresh as if it had just burst out of its iconic container.